Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What to say when you have nothing to say

"When you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything." But where's the fun in that?

What I learned after getting fired: when all you want to do is wallow in self pity, booze, and bedding - the hardest thing to do is not.

And in a stroke of unfortunate coincidence it was also a mere day 2 of my diet I'm determined to stick to (I need to fit into the bridesmaid dress by September so as not too look too different than my size zero co-BM - I'm sure she'll like that name). So no sympathy drinks, no comissery ice cream. Aware that comissery isn't a word but it felt right. And hey, nothing like deep rooted hatefulness and simultaneous hopelessness to get you in a great work-out mood!

What you may be thinking is, "Don't you hate your job?" REGARDLESS. No one wants to be taken advantage of, or for "the man" to get the last word, or to be unemployed with San Francisco rent and student loans for baggage! And last I checked, being fired for being "unhappy" is not legitimate termination practice. I would know, I read all the HR policies that they don't follow.

Has anyone been applying for jobs lately? I hate to join the long line of whiners with much more to lose than I so I'll keep it short; is my only option to make $12/hr doing something I'm overqualified for? Truly I think the only solution is to start a business. Yes, I'm a control freak and what more perfect way than for me to get my way, all the time. I mean really.

Had much more to say - but it all feels blurry now. Off to 15-hour road trip to Arizona. I know.


  1. Shelly....I love you! Come stay with me in SLO for a week! we'll tan and workout and drink wine. Which is diet approved. Antioxidants or some business like that. I'm sorry about your job. They lost the best person they had, but you knew that. So what I will leave you with is this, would you have fired the pacific islanders that we keep in our pockets just bc they were unhappy? No. And that is why you are the better person.

  2. Michytin--this is extremely delayed, but I am sorry to hear about your firing. Sounds like it is for the best and I know you will find something you love more. I miss you and would love to see your lovely face soon!