Thursday, January 21, 2010

You Know You Live in San Francisco When...

  • On your walk home you pass people smoking weed on their doorstep.
  • You have to spend 30 minutes every night looking for parking. And then always manage to walk uphill home from wherever you parked.
  • You get to wake up an hour later to get to work (my personal favorite).
  • You can eat at any time of the day,
  • You drive by prostitutes on your way home.
  • People have art galleries in their garage, or rent it out for $400/month, rent in some places!
  • You start making friends with the crazies.
crazy lady: "Hey girl! Is it raining?"

me: "No, just carrying my umbrella"

crazy lady: "Ohh shooo I see you just ::::::siiiiiingin in the raiiiiinn, just siiiiiingin in the raaaain::::!!!"

me: "yup."
  • You stop honking a tourists. They are everywhere.
  • There's a liquor store, bar, coffee shop, and laundry mat all on your street.
I'm sure there's more - but hey I've only been here a couple days.

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